... On the Ramparts, Old City Quarters, Traditional Christian Walk, German Colony,
Ketef Hinnom, City Streets, Israel's National Monuments, much more...

... All over the country in client's rental car/van or small hired bus with driver...

I can put together and guide most any itinerary of interest,
so no itinerary is "set in stone", not even beautiful Jerusalem Stone!


Starting at Yad Vashem (Israel National Holocaust Memorial), we will spend the day seeing, exploring, learning and understanding the institutions that best illustrate the modern Israeli national identity.

Yad Vashem - to remember the Six Million who were murdered, including 1.5 million children and to thank the "Righteous Gentiles" who helped to save so many... The stacks and stacks and stacks of stones in the Valley of Destroyed Communities representing Jewish communities in Old Europe which were destroyed by hate...

Har Herzl - Israel National Cemetery - where Theodore Herzl, the father of Modern Zionism is buried... place a remembrance stone on the graves of Yitzhak & Leah Rabin... and visit the graves of Jewish heros of the Second World War, the Israeli War of Independence and from all the wars and terror attacks throughout Israel's modern history...

What could be better than lunch in the cafe at The Israel Museum along with a chance to purchase some very special gifts for friends & family at the delightful Museum Shop, followed by a visit to the Shrine of the Book to see the Dead Sea Scrolls and a tour of the Model of Second Temple Period Jerusalem?

The Wohl Rose Garden is a peaceful place to stop for a moment to "smell the roses" on the way to see the Israeli Knesset and the Official State Menorah - discuss the decision to make the Menorah (not the Star of David) the official symbol of the State of Israel and decipher the images sculpted into the large State Menorah which stands outside the Knesset. (Tour of Knesset subject to availability & security considerations.)

Tour the *new* Israel Supreme Court building, which features a blend of ancient & modern architecture that fits very nicely into this very ancient and very modern city!

A final walk down the hill to sit on the grass, review the day and watch the walkers, footballers, picnicers, families, dogs and more in the beautiful Gan Sacher (Sacher Park) at the end of an emotionally moving and very full day!